Testimony – Josh M

“I’m actually in this field of mindset work and coaching on mindset shifts and what really stood out to me was that this technique was really effective. We worked on an issue that had been bothering me for a while that I hadn’t quite shifted yet.

The issue was my anger with people online. Whenever I would see stuff online that I disagree with, it was distracting me and impacting my ability to work. And Rob was really very thorough and professional throughout the whole thing and really got to the root of what that anger issue was.

It was actually a very surprising thing for me. And we were able to clear that in a very quick period of time. Ever since then, it’s really been awesome. I’ve had a lot of freedom in seeing things online, and just not getting triggered by them. I don’t get angry or sucked into them and waist hours of time. Whereas before it was a really big distraction issue for me and a really big challenge to ignore. So this stuff works and it’s really, really powerful!” -Josh